​ Business Improvement Loan

The Business Improvement Loan (BIL) is a partnership between the Downtown Lethbridge BRZ (BRZ), Community Futures and the Heart of Our City Committee.

Business and/or property owners in the downtown are able to access an interest-free loan of up to $15,000. The loan can be used for almost anything related to the business and/or property with the exception of inventory items. Once the loan is paid off, business/property owners are eligible to apply for another loan. 

Business/property owners are required to fill out a loan application. Applications are available through the BRZ or Community Futures. Once the application has been filled out it needs to be provided to the BRZ Executive Director for a signature before it is handed off to Community Futures by the business/property owner. Any questions regarding the loan are referred to Community Futures.

Community Futures is the lender and does all the work associated with the program.

Read the BIL brochure here!

Find the application here!

Contact: Downtown Lethbridge BRZ Office