Downtown Lethbridge Brand Initiative

In the summer of 2020, the City of Lethbridge, Heart of Our City Committee and the Downtown Lethbridge BRZ introduced the new Downtown Lethbridge brand.

The goal was to create a new brand that represents the entity of downtown, capture the personality of downtown and provide downtown with a collective identity

The process saw the creation of the Downtown Lethbridge Brand Development Committee which consisted of individuals from organizations who are focused on the success of downtown. This group led the direction and implementation of the new brand. The community was engaged in the process through focus groups and surveys.

The key message of the new brand plays to a sense of togetherness, resiliency, adaptability and uniqueness. The Brand Story supports this message: 

“You can’t define Downtown Lethbridge by one single offering. You’ll see high-end shopping next to thrift stores and elegant dining up the street from fast food. Its funky art next to historic buildings and small business next to big corporations. It’s the fun of meeting your friends at community events, festivals and celebrations. It’s the feeling of experiencing all of these unique things together in one space.”

The new brand is bright and bold with colours of orange, light blue and dark blue. The logo itself is a little bit weathered and gritty as an homage to the imperfections of downtown. From banners on light poles, umbrellas on patios to events, you will find the Downtown Lethbridge brand throughout the downtown core.