CSP Program Manager - Scott Ritter

Scott enjoys helping people and contributing to the betterment of society. The CSP Program is based on helping people get back on the right track in life, and this is the type of work that he thrives on. From helping people with housing issues to beautifying the downtown core to protecting society from needle waste, this position has what Scott seeks in a career.

Scott was raised in Saskatchewan and relocated to Lethbridge in 1986. He attended the University of Lethbridge where he achieved a Bachelor of Science. He also graduated from Lethbridge College with a diploma in Renewable Resource Management. Scott accepted a job as a Safety Officer because of his desire to keep people safe. This philosophy helps keep the crew and himself safe on the job for the CSP program.

In his spare time, Scott enjoys weight lifting, hiking, reading, photography and is an avid fisherman. He can be found on the Crowsnest River fly fishing and relaxing on his weekends. Fun fact, he also likes insects and spiders and is always ready to try to identify the species.

Scott envisions a time when there is no homelessness in Lethbridge and all people have jobs to go to. With the tools and the connections the CSP\BRZ has to help the marginalized, he strives to utilize all resources and potential resources to accomplish this mission.