Optimal Alignment Optimal Results

454 5th Avenue South
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, Toll Free: 1-855-320-2177

STAMINA® Clinic Inc is located in downtown Lethbridge and serves southern Alberta as physical rehabilitation specialists.

STAMINA® is a new method of manual therapy that treats the full body to effectively rehabilitate muscle and joint aches and pains. Through incorrect posture, injury or illness muscles can become mal-aligned. If your muscles are not in their correct position, they are unable to stabilize the joints, or distribute the load they are normally capable of and this leads to painful symptoms.

At STAMINA® Clinic our goal is to effectively treat and address aggravating factors that can be at the root cause of your problem so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest!

What Does STAMINA® Effectively Treat?

Low Back Pain • Shoulder Injuries & Pain • Neck Pain • Hip Pain • Knee Pain • Headaches Migraines • Fibromyalgia • Plantar Fasciitis • Shin Splints • Repetitive Strain Injury • Neuropathy Nerve Compression • Sciatica • Bursitis • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome • Tendonitis • Sports Injuries • Bulging & Herniated Discs • Accidents and Injuries • Arthritic Joints • Muscle Strain


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