200 Commerce House - 529 6th Street South
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada,

For over a century, the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce has voiced the interests of business and championed free enterprise, contributing the time, drive, and imagination of its members to the prosperity of the city.

Lethbridge's best-known landmark is its High Level Bridge. Ever since steelworkers riveted the last bolt to it in 1909, this engineering marvel has enabled the town to grow and prosper. Predating the bridge, though, is a civic marvel even more crucial to the prosperity of Lethbridge: the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce. Originally the Lethbridge Board of Trade and Civic Committee when it formed in 1889, the community-driven chamber has started or spearheaded almost every noteworthy civic endeavour for more than 100 years. First, the group incorporated Lethbridge as a civic entity, the Town of Lethbridge, in 1891. That done, the organization undertook other projects: creating water-sharing agreements with Montana, addressing postal concerns, building better roads and bridges, promoting and hosting the first Chautauqua (travelling tent show) in western Canada, bringing entertainment to the culturally starved prairies, and helping reopen the U.S. border to Canadian beef in 1952, along with many more projects that bettered the community.

Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce Events