Dates & Times:
Sun SEP 23 | 2–3 pm

Exhibit Grand Opening & The Curator Presents...


The Bank of Canada Museum is pleased to present this exhibition about e-money and the possible impact if alternative currency were to be widely used. The Museum’s mission is to help Canadians understand, appreciate and value their economic heritage and the role the Bank of Canada plays in the economy. We hope that visitors will have a greater awareness of how existing payment systems work, and how new technology is changing the way we pay. 

Lethbridge-born Ted Mieszkalski has worked as the Regional Director (Currency) at the Bank of Canada’s Prairies Office in Calgary since 2002. He delivers the Bank’s currency education programs and monitors developments related to currency and its security.

2–3 pm | museum admission applies | free to annual pass and invitation holders 

Photo Credit: Bank of Canada Museum