Whether it is raking leaves in the fall, shoveling snow in the winter, sweeping up sand and gravel in the springtime, or picking up trash throughout the year, the Clean Sweep Program (CSP) works diligently to keep our downtown streets and sidewalks clean.

CSP participants are out 7 days a week and clean the downtown before businesses open, clean hot spots area, and tidy other areas as needed. Participants are paid a stipend for the hours they spend cleaning our streets and lanes. The CSP program is dedicated to helping individuals in need obtain work while maintaining downtown aesthetics and appeal.

The program helps provide participants who are low-income, recovering from homelessness, and trying to build work-relevant skills with the opportunity to work within the program. It also provides them with the opportunity to see value in caring for the community and themselves while forging positive relationships with our neighborhood and other community members. The CSP helps participants form connections with employment and social services to help them gain meaningful mentorship and support. The CSP works with these services and organizations as part of the Social Housing in Action’s goal to help bring an end to homelessness in Lethbridge.