Downtown Safety, Education & Information Session

Oct 25 - Engaging Vulnerable Persons - Watch here.

LPS Watch Program

The Watch program started in May 2019 and consists primarily of community volunteers. The volunteers actively walk the streets in the downtown and surrounding area. The Watch program is modelled after multiple successful similar programs operating in Winnipeg and Vancouver.

The goal of The Watch is to provide an additional layer of safety to citizens by offering services such as safe walks, connecting vulnerable citizens to resources and discouraging negative use through public visibility, de-escalation tactics and real-time communication to necessary emergency services. The Watch volunteers receive comprehensive training in FNMI and diversity awareness, street awareness and safety, CPR and First Aid, de-escalation techniques, overdose recognition and Narcan administration, mental health and suicide awareness and more. 

Outreach in Downtown

Diversion Outreach Team (DOT) provides transportation and outreach support to vulnerable community members who may be facing homelessness, mental health concerns and addictions. DOT is operated by the HomeBASE program at the Canadian Mental Health Association.
Call: (403) 892-3707
Find more information here.


S.A.G.E. Clan Patrol Team is tasked with engaging the aboriginal community through active outreach in the community. They primarily patrol at night and provide meals, snacks, water and conversation to vulnerable community members. SAGE Clan patrols year-round to provide assistance in the fight against homelessness and addiction.
Find more information here.


Public Safety & Needles 

If you find a needle, please call the Needle Pickup Hotline: 403-332-0722

Be prepared to provide an address, description of the location, and other information. Find more information here.


If you come across needle debris, public intoxication, public defecation, encampments, graffiti or other safety issues in the community and are unsure of who to call, you can call the Safe Community Call Centre: 825-399-7233.

The Safe Community Call Centre will dispatch the appropriate service.


Download a Public Safety Contact Information sheet to display at your business or home, found here.