Galt Gardens Park

Once the spot for fashionable early 20th century social functions, sports and key city festivals, Galt Gardens Park, four square blocks of leafy quiet amid the rumble of downtown concrete, has long been at the top of any list detailing the area’s revitalization.

Galt Gardens has the location and infrastructure that put it at the centre of an exciting cultural swirl, bordered by restaurants, galleries and boutiques.

Rejuvenation, replete with attractive contouring and a centre promenade, is being fostered by the city’s service groups, in conjunction with the Heart of Our City Revitalization Committee. Scheduled in stages, the goal is to transform the Galt Gardens from a pleasant patch of lawn, shade trees and flowers, into a stage for downtown activities that will embody the true spirit of Lethbridge.

The first stage of this rejuvenation project was unveiled to the public on June 26, 2008. The Rotary Centennial Plaza and upgraded pergola have attracted thousands of new visitors to the downtown.

At the centre of the plaza is a 97-jet water feature, complete with LED lights for evening viewing and interactive shows choreographed to music. The plaza is located in the south east quadrant of the park. This interactive and family-oriented project has added a new dimension to beautiful and historic Galt Gardens Park.