Electric Eye Music Festival


The Slice Bar and Grill, Owl Acoustic Lounge, Telegraph Tap House, Blueprint Records, SAAG, Army Navy Air Force Hall host Electric Eye, Saturday May 10th. 

For complete festival information see: http://eemusicfest.wordpress.com/

The wind blows at a different frequency in Lethbridge, it brings out the crazy and puts people in frenzy. Maybe this is why so many great acts and bands have been coming out of this backwater town. Electric Eye aims to add fuel this grassfire by hosting a free showcase of Lethbridge’s best emerging artists and bands and bring in acts from the surrounding area, for one mind blistering day, SATURDAY MAY 10th.

Electric Eye will run during the afternoon and evening at The Slice Bar and Grill, Owl Acoustic Lounge, Blueprint Records and Telegraph Tap House. Please see our schedule for more details and get involved by volunteering.



An Ant And An Atom
reverb. television test card sine wave reference tones. distortion.

ABC - "always be closing," these guys are closers. 

Clockwork Towns
Soundscapes on the bald prairies.

Barnaby Bennett
Exploring psychedelic folk and pop song forms, traditional country music and experimental/ambient sound art.

Flowery garage/psych from Edmonton, Canada.

Garage country booze rock from Edmonton. Bonspiel! wants you to dance. Bonspiel! wants you to choogle. Bonspiel! wants you to find a sweetheart. 

BOOSH! (and/or ka-kow)
Two drummers and dude with two supped up gameboys, all wearing Peruvian balaclavas. TAKE US TO THE BOSS LEVEL! 

Nolan Bossert 
mashing drums with his feet and mangling a guitar while belting out his soulful pterodactyl shrieking, he causes hysterical dancing and the general break-down of social cohesion.

Chief Mountain
Loser-friendly flop house rock at its sneeziest!

Feel Alright
There are elements of 60s Pop, Surf and Garage, as well as a definite 80s sweatervest-wearing-bicycle-riding English Pop element.

Fist CityA pack of earnest weirdos with a penchant for churning out music that screeches and rings with the blood-rush of a night crime yet charms with sugary sweet pop jangles and kool surf sleeze.

Fox Eyes 
Prairie fire punk rock from the Blood Tribe.

Hag Face is one of Calgary's snottiest and most awesome garage-punk groups as of late. They play surf tinged dancey garage numbers with plenty of grease and jagged hooks.

3 piece fuzz band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The Lad Mags
Four women and a garbageman drummer, transmitting spooky garage soul harmonies.

Lethbridge Girls Rock Camp
Mastermind Silvana Campus will be hosting an afternoon family jam at Owl Acoustic Lounge (with John Greenshield). Come learn about what LGRC has in store for you for 2014!

Brenna Lowrie Band 
A special performance by The Brenna Lowrie Band, playing delightful psych and blues infused folk songs.

Steven William Foord
Dark and charming folk tunes from Redrum Triumph and The Necessities. 

Lustre Creame
In a lapse of judgement local prog overlords agree to play festival. Where do they do go from here?

Johnny G. Greenshield 
A delicious blend of rock, folk and blues. 

The Mangy Mutts
The open chords and progressions of folk, shit stompin, hoot n' holler rythm section of a string band on meth, the speed, attack and stage presence of metal. 

Shaela Miller of Shaela Miller Threesome
Serving up pints of heart ache and honky tonk, with accompaniment from Danny Dyck (Treeline). 

Jesse Northey from Jesse and the Dandelions
Dumpcore innovator and creative force behind Jesse and the Dandelions, returns to his old stomping grounds.

Open Channel
If Ian Curtis sang over Neil Young’s Trans album, it MIGHT sound as good as this.

Outlaws of Ravenhurst
One band to rule them all, one crowd to find them,
One show to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

The Palmers 
Local Lethbridge babes (Emma Peel, Evan Ushenko) play the sounds of their lovechild collaboration, with a host of local guest stars on the backline.

Swaggered out dirt bag hip hop. Lethbridge you just got called out… 

Did they escape off the Wiebo Ludwig farm? Are they really a cult preparing to overthrow religious leaders? Come find out!

Three schmoes on a quid-pro-quo rock and roll fiasco undergo terminal overload and play weirdo stoner odes akin to an audio Picasso.

Rancho Deluxe 
We’re all from round here , we share a love of old school roots and country, and play those songs that go straight to the bone.

The Ruby Plumes
They’ve been called “the best band in this town in years” “saviors of rock and roll” and “complete assholes” primarily by drunken, angry 30somethings.

Pulling post punk garage illusions (not tricks!) out of Medicine Hat. 

For the past five years the Southern Albertan quartet has been marinating in the underbelly of the Western Canadian Music Scene.

The Yeah Dads
The post dad rock you've come to admire or resent.


This festival would not have been possible without the support of our sponsors. We appreciate their contribution, recognizing that without them Electric Eye would not have come to fruition. 

City of Lethbridge- City Hall
Heart of our City 

Nectar Fine Tattooing & Art Collective

Two Guys And A Pizza Place

The Slice Bar & Grill

Owl Acoustic Lounge

Telegraph Tap House

Allied Arts Council Lethbridge 

Blueprint Lethbridge

CKXU - 88.3 

Long and McQuade 

LA Beat 

Sign City 



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Tuesday, April 15, 2014