People of Downtown - Diana Walburger

Posted on : Thursday, October 13, 2022


Diana and Riley needed something to do during COVID, so they hatched a plan and opened a Cookie and Ice Cream shop in the heart of downtown and named it Cookie Crimes. Diana says “We wanted to come up with a way to make people happy” and they thought why not start in their hometown.

Diana actually grew up wanting to be a dolphin trainer until she realized she was not suited for ocean life. She has a diploma in business administration which helped set her up for small business life. And their hobbies? Diane use to bake as a stay-at-home mom and baking is still her hobby, she enjoys creating new flavours and perfecting her recipes. She also spends time getting her nails done and going to the gym. Outside of work Riley enjoys wood working – he even created some of the wood features around the store.  

Fun fact: Their popular gingersnap cookie is Riley’s Grandmothers recipe!

Isn’t it every child’s dream for their parents to own a cookie and ice cream shop?! Diane and Riley love bringing their kids to hang and “help” in the shop. Their daughter “helps” by telling all her friends about her parents store and handing out stickers.

Cookie Crimes has a rotating menu of cookies and ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, and waffle cones (and even pumpkin spiced waffle cones). Majority of their ice creams are gluten free and they are working on a dairy free ice cream, “we really want to have something for everyone” says Diana. Soon you’ll be able to get coffee and hot chocolate (smugglers coffee or hot chocolate comes with a scoop of ice cream). This holiday season you can expect sugar cookies (in-store and take home decorating kits), ginger bread houses, and a few more surprises to come.

Stay tuned for upcoming events too like movie nights and more Mario Kart nights were you can win free cookies just for showing up and beating Riley or Diane. And if you have your own event, they have an in-store event board. So organizers can bring their fliers and posters in and they will post them for you.