People of Downtown- Dr. Chelsea Layden-Power

Posted on : Thursday, September 08, 2022


Dr. Chelsea from Power Health Chiropractic moved here in 2003 shortly after completing her Doctor of Chiropractic in California. When she began practicing in Lethbridge, she was one of four female chiropractors in the Lethbridge area. She first started practicing at another clinic before shortly opening Power Health almost 17 years ago in the exact location that they are in currently! She decided to settle in Lethbridge because after 4 years of school in California she was looking to stay in a warmer climate but still close to the mountains for her husband making Lethbridge the perfect location for just that. In her spare time Dr. Chelsea enjoys reading and spending time in her backyard but she can also be found completing long distance endurance biking Lethbridge or searching for the best bodies of water that we have around! When asked about what she enjoys most about Lethbridge she said that the coulees are for sure her favourite spot to be. She wishes that everyone was able to have the opportunity to see and experience the coulees everyday possible. She also enjoys the walkability of the downtown core which allows her to visit the awesome local cafes and restaurants but also gives her the opportunity to spend time outdoors in Galt Gardens for her own picnic lunch. She also loves the community that she is surrounded by in Downtown Lethbridge speaking about the importance it holds to the city. She believes that Downtown is the heart of the community and is something worth investing in.