Person Feature - Katelin Willmott

Posted on : Wednesday, August 31, 2022


I'm Katelin Willmott and I'm the lawyer here at Splitsville family law. I'm the owner and sole proprietor and the only lawyer. I'm from Vancouver. Originally, when I did my degree in London and came back, I did originally come back to Vancouver, but I wasn't too happy about it; I wanted to afford a house of my lifetime. So although I wasn't born here, I chose to live in Lethbridge. I am half Guatemalan, so I do speak Spanish fluently and I lived there for a few years. It has come in handy sometimes with some clients and some situations. I have two dogs, two cats, a hedgehog and then over a hundred or something houseplants.

Lethbridge is growing to be quite diverse, which I'm really enjoying. I really enjoy the sunshine. There's not very much of it in Vancouver but there's a lot of it here. Can't say I love the wind . Overall there's a really welcoming community over here chose downtown, partly because the courthouse is right here. I'm just literally a block away from it. I really like what is occurring downtown as well, the revitalization that's occurring, how it's turning a little bit more quaint. I definitely frequent a lot of the downtown places here for eating like the Lighthouse or Streatside. Participating in some of these community events that I wouldn't have felt too inclined to do in larger cities. In Vancouver, you know, you go to an event and all of a sudden it's 3 million people and it's not as appealing. Versus Lethbridge, you know, it's an event and it's fun. There's lots of people, but it's not. You get to enjoy the event and I really enjoyed that. It was cool when I went to pride and I recognized a whole bunch of people.

Since moving to Lethbridge I have discovered kayaking. I didn't think I would enjoy it, but I really have and particularly going down in the Old Man River, it's been absolutely brilliant. There's a couple of lakes here and there, but it's not the same, it's not as fun, but the river has been great and I really have enjoyed that. as well as, floating tubing and all the other stuff. I think overall Lethbridge has forced me to do a lot more outdoor activities that I probably wouldn't have done before, like snowshoeing as well. I hadn't tried that before. So there's a lot of cool things that I've gotten to try here. 

I think I'm a lot more kind of personable and empathetic than I think a lot of other lawyers. I tend to try and be a little bit more empathetic and compassionate within my practice. And I think that kind of shows itself somewhere. So if that's kind of the care and that's the relationship that the clients want, that typically works out quite well.

For me, I really want to be kind of like the key to people accessing the justice system. Like the justice system is supposed to be this big, overwhelming thing, so I like being able to make sure that my clients understand what is happening. I feel like that really helps the process as well.

I'm not gonna lie. Being a family lawyer can be really, really tough because, there are no winners in family law. Like, we're all kind of losers. The thing that really makes it worth it is when clients appreciate the work that you do and appreciate the effort that you put in.