Person Feature - Hannah Lee

Posted on : Wednesday, July 20, 2022


My name is Hannah and I am the owner of the sill and soil. we are a houseplant boutique. We started at the end of 2017. I ran out of our home and we started going to markets. Then when the pandemic hit, my business kind of just really took off, I think because people were at home and they wanted to liven up their space a bit more.. We became really busy and then eventually my day job contract ended and the perfect space downtown became available, so it just kind of all seemed like it's coming together. It was like when I dreamed about having a plant store, It was always going to be downtown. I love the architecture down here. I love that most of the shops down here are local and quite a few of them are women owned. I love that there's events that are happening down here all the time; the farmer's market is back and all the festival square is open, we had pride back, just all these exciting things are happening downtown. This is exactly what I had imagined when I opened.

I guess I've always kind of been into plants, but my obsession with them hit really hard when I bought my first home in 2016. My obsession grew to more than just that. And became a passion. that's why a year or so later I thought, “why isn't there a local shop that I can purchase my plans from? Then I thought, Why couldn't it be me who opened it instead of waiting for somebody else to do it?

one thing we really want to do is add a workshop component here. So not only are we retail, we'd like to have a kind of a leisure aspect to our shop as well. figuring out how to go about that as well. Obviously we want to try and keep supporting different community initiatives and so we'll have to see where we can where we fit in there as well.

I just had a baby a couple of months ago, so she's been keeping me quite busy. Phil always keeps me busy. Phil's our shop corgi. He loves us. When the doors close, he loves to sit at the window and watch the world go by. He greets everybody when they come into the shop with a big bark. He's harmless, but he does have a big bark. He honestly ignores most of the plants, he's into all the people that are into the plants.

I have an amazing team, so it doesn't take too much leadership to guide them there. There's a lot of them are go-getters and self-starters. I would say they're more passionate about this place than I am. So it makes it very easy to be in charge.

Success to me can come in different forms.  It's nice when you get, you know, customers returning into your store. It means they like what they see. It's all the first time and they'll keep coming. I love hearing compliments about my staff. I get that quite a bit and I. I love it. I love knowing that, the person that I had chosen to bring into our small community is really working out. It's also  nice, you know, as a business owner, to bring home a paycheck every couple of weeks.

We do a little bit of office plants. We did a nice big job for an engineering firm. And even though we got caught in the rain on Monday, it was really fun to do.. We love getting our hands dirty. 

People are welcome to come any time, even if they're not looking to buy a plant, if they just want to wander in and get some, reap the benefits of having plants around or if they want a pet, Phil they're welcome anytime. You don't have to be here to be purchasing.I truly, truly believe that there's nobody who has a black thb. It's just we just have to find the right plant for you. So if you want to plant, there's definitely one here for you