Amazing Race Viewing Party

Posted on : Monday, July 18, 2022


Amazing Race Canada was in Lethbridge and we were so excited to have the Amazing Viewing Party right in Festival Square! Tourism Lethbridge put together a great way for anyone to come out and see Lethbridge on the big screen. 

After watching a traditional Indigenous dance in the river bottom, contestants either headed to Fort Whoop Up or to Helen Schuler Nature Center for their first challenge, “Hoot or Heard”. Here they met some furry and feathered friends.

Next, contestants found a Subway to then drive around in an attempt to gather a particular amount of ingredients to create a delicious sandwich. . 

After completing that challenge, contestants then headed to Control V, a VR arcade where their video game as well as physical skill was put to the test. Only once they achieved a high enough score, could they move on to the next challenge. 

It was so much fun watching the Lethbridge attractions on the big screen! Along with the Amazing Viewing Party, we had a fun scavenger hunt to take part in to win an extra special downtown prize. After collecting the words from each stop to create a secret phrase, our players headed over to Cookie Crimes for a free cookie!

Thank you to everyone who joined us in celebrating Lethbridge and who had a hand in putting together this amazing experience.