Businesses working together?

Posted on : Wednesday, July 13, 2022


Here in Downtown Lethbridge the cutthroat world of entrepreneurship is nowhere to be seen. Instead what you see is business owners supporting one another; commenting on each other's posts, selling local vendors' products in their own store, coordinating events. We aimed to find out exactly why this is.

Urban apothecary remembers how they were treated when they first opened up in October saying “we found when we came down here, we did get so much support from people; the support that we received from a lot of local businesses was phenomenal.” It seems businesses have been working together Downtown isn’t a new thing.

We also spoke with Sill & the Soil who said “local should support local.” They even added that they have recommended customers to check out other competing businesses. “We share a lot of customers. Having a lot of cool spaces Downtown is good for everybody because people can do a circuit. Anybody being Downtown is a good scenario.”

It seems like that's just the way it is in Downtown Lethbridge. There isn't a problem with that, but just to make sure we met with another business Intrigue Lingerie Boutique Ltd. “I think the more that we can all stick together the better we can make this Downtown. That's something we've done right from the get go.”

Fascinating how inside the Downtown borders, businesses seem to be attracted to cooperation and not so much to competition. I guess that's what makes it special!