Beginners guide to Downtown: Looking back at Downtown

Posted on : Thursday, September 02, 2021


In the beginning of May I wrote a blog post about my first impression of downtown Lethbridge, and with September already here I thought I would take a minute and reflect on my time spent downtown. At the start it was difficult to capture and appreciate the downtown experience with restrictions still in place due to Covid-19. With those restrictions lifting in July, it really was a wonderful site to see downtown being allowed to open up, for business to operate at a hundred percent and more events beginning to happen. Throughout the summer I visited many businesses and become a regular at a few. The Penny Coffee House and Bread Milk and Honey have helped with my growing addiction for ice coffees and breakfast sandwiches. Although I have visited and tried as many places as I could my list seems never ending with new recommendations coming my way every few days. Downtown has many great businesses to visit and try, but one of the best things that I have enjoyed about the area is the true sense of community among businesses demonstrated through their willingness to help each other out and to help with the growth of downtown. At the start of May my knowledge of Downtown was at zero, to be honest I didn’t even realize where it was, I assumed it was on Mayor Magrath. I am delighted and grateful to have spent my summer down here as it has been a wonderful experience to see a different part of the city! For anyone coming to Lethbridge I would highly recommend visiting downtown and checking out all the local businesses that make up the area! Downtown has become and will continue to be a regular go-to for me.