Meet the Board - 3/3

Posted on : Tuesday, July 27, 2021


Welcome to the third and final entry of our “Meet the Board” blog. Thank you to all the board members for taking time out of their busy schedules to tell us a little bit more about themselves! We hope this segment shined a new light on each of these great individuals.


This week, we sat down with Steven Foord, Sheri Kain, and Kendal Hachkowski:


Steven (pictured left) was born in Lethbridge but primarily grew up in Picture Butte. He then moved back to Lethbridge where he attended LCC and university over five years. Following a brief return to Picture Butte, he came back to Lethbridge and started The Owl in 2010. Steven is in his first term on the board of directors and stated that “It has been really interesting experiencing learning the other side of the BRZ… the most positive thing is getting the opportunity to meet really sharp people that are really awesome to learn from. The people on the board have been fantastic”. When asked what his favorite thing to do in the Downtown was, Steven replied that he has been to The Penny Coffee House nearly every single day for the last fifteen or twenty years! He decompresses before starting the day by getting his usual americano with coco; hot in the winter and cold in the summer. Steven additionally loves heading over to The Slice and watching live music. In his spare time, you can find him travelling, playing music where and when he can, and songwriting. When asked to describe himself in three words, he replied “very, very pale”.


Sheri (pictured bottom right) grew up in Cochrane, lived in Airdrie for ten years, and has now been in Lethbridge since 2015 following a work transfer. She has been with RBC for twenty five years and has worked nearly every role you could possibly think of. She currently holds the position of Commercial Account Manager for healthcare professionals. Sheri is in her second term on the board of directors, additionally operating as a conduit between the Heart of Our City Committee and the BRZ. When asked what her favorite part was regarding her involvement on the board, she replied “Learning more and getting integrated in the community. Downtown is awesome, just the vibe of it. We do have some social issues but I do love to be a part of trying to solve some of these issues”. Sheri’s favorite thing to do Downtown are eating sushi, enjoying different restaurants, and meeting for lunch with others. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her two border collies (Pixar and Disney), playing softball, snowboarding, and golfing! Sheri’s three words to describe herself were “short, excitable, and patient”. 


Kendal (pictured top right) grew up in Coaldale and has been living in Lethbridge since he began highschool. He is the managing director of Sumus Property Group, and is in his first term on the board of directors. Kendal’s favorite part about being on the board is “Understanding different perspectives and working together for a strategic plan that accomplishes multiple goals''. Apart from design and workplace architecture, Kendal’s passions include travelling, golfing, and reading! His favorite thing to do Downtown is “Running into someone on the street and having a conversation or sitting on a patio for lunch or after work”. When asked to describe himself in three words, Kendal replied “creative, tenacious, and giving”.