Meet the Board - 2/3

Posted on : Tuesday, July 13, 2021


Welcome to the second entry of our three-part “Meet the Board” blog. If you didn’t get a chance to read part one, go ahead and do so to ensure you receive the full experience of getting to know all the board members! 

This week, we sat down with Scott Warris, Dean Wilson, and Kim Overes:

Scott (pictured top right) was born in Delhi, Ontario and has been living in Lethbridge for approximately three years. He and his wife Penny moved Downtown onto 6th Street with the intention of opening their own bookstore. Following seven months of construction, they opened Analog Books last December and have become a great addition to the Downtown community! Interestingly, Scott is on the board as a resident rather than a business owner. When asked what most excited him about being on the board of directors, Scott answered “Being able to give input as a resident of downtown...Because of where we are, we are able to provide good insight into what we are seeing day-to-day and night-to-night. Being on the board is also a great way to meet like-minded people that are business owners involved Downtown and want to see positive change”. His favorite things to do Downtown are hanging out at the Telegraph Taphouse and Bread Milk and Honey, alongside spending time with his family. Scott’s interests include woodworking, photography, and old cameras. These interests are embodied in the design and layout of Analog Books, reflecting his passions. When asked to describe himself in three words, Scott replied “introverted, laid-back, and optimistic”. 

Dean (pictured bottom right) grew up in both Vancouver and Lethbridge, but has been living in Lethbridge for the past fifteen years. Dean manages the Serious Music Centre in the King of Trade and is in his first term on the board of directors. Dean’s favorite part regarding his involvement on the board is “Learning, getting a new experience, meeting new people and getting to know what they’re all about”. He added that it was a great volunteer position to give back and do something positive in his spare time. Dean’s favorite thing to do Downtown is connecting with people at the Serious Music Centre and grabbing a coffee or meal at The Penny Coffee House. His personal interests surprisingly include music and instruments! He additionally enjoys playing with local bands. When asked to describe himself in three words, Dean answered “dedicated, loyal, and industrious”.  

Kim (pictured left) is originally from Saskatchewan and has been in Lethbridge since 2012. She’s the owner of the lovely space, Naturistas, and is in her first term on the board of directors. Kim’s favorite part about being on the board is “Collaborating with other business owners in the Downtown community”. Her favorite things to do Downtown are shopping for clothes, finding a good read at Analog Books, and grabbing a coffee at any of Downtown’s coffee shops! In her spare time, you can find Kim reading a new book or devoting time to her store. Three words Kim would use to describe herself are “focused, good-listener, and passionate”.