Diving into Lethbridge's New Look

Posted on : Tuesday, June 22, 2021


In an initiative aimed towards reflecting Lethbridge’s unique past through a modern lens fixated on the future, the City of Lethbridge have unveiled their long-awaited rebranding. The updated brand shines the spotlight on four pillars of our city: community, service, people, and success.  The visual aspects of the brand combine the “elements of a progressive city with local perspectives while tying in the movement of the Oldman River located in heart of Blackfoot territory.” These aspects concertedly tell our City’s story. This new look additionally unifies different entities including the Brighter Together Community Brand & the Downtown Lethbridge BRZ. By creating this cohesion between varying organizations, Lethbridge can be marketed to exhibit our strong sense of community alongside the amazing businesses in our Downtown. The secondary logo features the phrase “Gateway to Opportunity” which seeks to emphasize the variety of opportunities in our city for both visitors and residents. This phrase recognizes Lethbridge as the blueprint for Alberta’s success in reference to our city’s amazing park space, our growing arts and cultural scene, thriving agricultural industry, and our developing technology sector. 

We love our city’s new branding here at the BRZ and can’t wait to see it all over our city!