Beginners Guide to Downtown: How to Celebrate Graduation During Covid

Posted on : Thursday, May 27, 2021


Graduation is a great ceremony as it celebrates the time and effort students have put in to reach their goals, be it High School, College or University. Giving each student the opportunity to walk across the stage in their school colors, shake hands with the school principal and be handed their diploma, or degree. Sadly, with Covid restrictions still in place this classic celebration has been cancelled this Spring. Although plans have been altered there are other ways for students to celebrate their time here in Lethbridge. For many students they travel to Lethbridge to attend school, and it would be important to capture some memories of the city they spent many years in before moving on to their next adventure. In downtown there are many unique buildings, landmarks and pieces of art that make downtown unique, students can use these as photo opportunities and take pictures in their school colors. Sitting down at your favorite restaurant or bar with loved ones is not allowed, but they can still grab their favorite meal and help support these local businesses by getting takeout. Graduation is different this year, but that doesn’t mean celebrating this great accomplishment should be lessened. If you can go, get some pictures with the different things that make up vibrant downtown and go support a local business, and most of all celebrate this fantastic accomplishment. Congratulations to all students – well done🎉