Beginners Guide to Downtown: A New Perspective

Posted on : Thursday, May 20, 2021


Even though I have been in Lethbridge for a few years now, these past few weeks have been my first real exposure to downtown Lethbridge. Previously, my closest interaction to downtown was going to the mall, but little did I know that if I turned right at the lights instead of left, I would be experiencing a new side of Lethbridge. I am a little embarrassed that I did not know downtown Lethbridge was such a ‘thing’, but I am happy that I am here now. Walking around I've been pleasantly surprised by the different pieces of local art on buildings and seeing the unique style and skills of the artists in this community. Being part of the Lethbridge Downtown BRZ Engagement and Marketing team I visit many businesses and quickly talk to business owners and employees and the overall response from everyone has been positive and kind. During these hard times of covid it is very easy for frustration to take over, but to see the positive and driven spirit of the people of downtown accompanied with kindness and commitment to keep pushing through current challenges is great to see.  Every day, I walk around downtown I see new and unique shop’s that I add to my "come back here to shop" list, I would be very surprised if there was something that couldn’t be found through all the stores there. I am looking forward to experiencing downtown in its true form when this chapter of covid comes to an end.