Saturdays at 1:00 presented with Green Acres Kiwanis Club of Lethbridge


adults required to attend with children | admission rates apply | free for annual pass holders | registration not required | includes exhibit access

This interactive program animates our exhibits and collections for families with children of all ages and is made possible by the continuing support of the Green Acres Kiwanis Club of Lethbridge.

OCT 12  Herb Garden Learn about how climate impacted our agricultural history as you plant some herbs to enjoy indoors this winter. 

19          Kaleidoscopes Learn about this historic toy as you make your own to take home.  

26          Felt Balls Learn the history of one of the world’s oldest textiles while making your own pretty and fun felt balls to hang on a keychain or pendant.  


NOV 02  Tea Party Join us for a tea party as we learn old fashioned manners and what tea parties would have been like in early Lethbridge. 

09          Old Fashioned Communication: Morse Code & Postcards Learn how messages were sent and received in the past and create a postcard to send a message to someone special.

16          Pemmican Join Blanche Bruised Head to learn about this nutritious traditional food and try your hand at making some of your own to eat.

23          Hand Made Journals Make a beautiful journal to write in while learning about the historical importance of preserving memories.

30          Advent Calendars Learn about the history of advent calendars as you make your own to use at home.


DEC 07   Snow Globes Make your own decorative snow globe as you learn the origins of this popular ornament.

14          Family Trees Learn about genealogy as you make a beautiful family tree to hang at home.

21          Candles Make a hand-dipped candle to light up the winter nights while learning how candles were made in the past and how they are used by different cultures. | 403.320-3954 | join on Facebook

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Thursday, October 10, 2013