6th Street Savvy Savings Program

Posted on : Friday, May 26, 2017


Downtown businesses aren’t competitors, they’re neighbours, friends, customers, and 6th street is a prime example. 

Chef Stella, Chizzled Fringe, Drunken Sailor, Funky Petals, Kapow, J. Walker Golf, Once Upon a Bride, Downtown Merle Norman, O2 Training, Plum, The Shoe Tree and Suzanne and Jenny’s have connected, created, and are now implementing the 6th Street Savvy Savings Program.   

The 6th Street Savvy Savings is a program that offers savings and special gifts for those that shop on 6th street. If you purchase something from one of these businesses, you can show your receipt within seven days to any of the other participating businesses to receive a special offer or discount.  

Some of the businesses on 6th street found that they were always referring people back and forth anyway, so they decided to make it official. “It’s kind of opening the doors and supporting one another by saying ‘we have a bunch of great businesses on this street. Have you tried Plum? Have you been to Kapow?’ It’s nice to be able to do that and it gives people that prompt,” explained owner of Funky Petals, Chelsa Larson.

Referring one another brings awareness to all the shops on 6th and downtown so that everyone has an opportunity to succeed. Through this program, the Lethbridge community is introduced to everything that downtown offers. “We have so many great businesses on 6th street and sometimes people will come down to 6th for one shop, like they go to get their hair cut at Chizzled Fringe or they go to Plum all the time, but they never actually experience the rest of the street,” said Chelsa. “The whole idea behind that was giving people the opportunity or the push to just stop in and see what’s there.”

They’re hoping this program will rid of the ‘blinders’ some shoppers have, where they only go to one downtown store, but don’t explore the others. “Sometimes people just don’t know about the business. People will go into Downtown Merle Norman or the Shoe Tree and they’ll see one of our bouquets over there and tell us they didn’t even know we were here,” added Chelsa.

An increase in traffic is one of the goals, but buying something isn’t the main purpose of the program; it is to raise awareness. This group just wants to get the city of Lethbridge exploring downtown shops and restaurants, especially those who never do.

Chelsa said Funky Petals has had people come in and say they haven’t been downtown for three years, but she’s hoping with initiatives like this and the downtown’s revitalization, that more people will start coming around. “The BRZ has done so much work to bring downtown up to where it is now. I remember coming down here six years ago and there was barely anything. So the fact that this street has been transformed into what it is and it’s getting to be known as a boutique street, a desirable destination street in Lethbridge is awesome.”

Not only does this bring awareness to 6th street and downtown businesses, but it’s a perk for the downtown shoppers. “It’s a perk for the customers and it’s a nice way to give back for the fact that they do shop on 6th street and they do have that loyalty to some or all of the stores, and for shopping downtown,” explained Chelsa. “They could go anywhere else or to the big box stores but they choose to come downtown to shop.”

6th street isn’t the only downtown group coming together.

Downtown businesses Zakka-Ya, Koko Japanese Restaurant and Lighthouse Japanese Restaurant also have cross promotions going on between their businesses. “We saw it as a way to notify lovers of Japanese culture and products to our shop, as well as a way to encourage people to give the excellent Japanese food in downtown Lethbridge a try,” said John Greenshields, owner of Zakka-Ya. Zakka-Ya offers 10% off of purchases with a receipt from Koko or Lighthouse, and the two restaurants offer their own receipt discount as well.

Downtown is a place where businesses support each other and want their business community to succeed.