Monkey See, Monkey Do, Angry Monkey Tattoo

Posted on : Thursday, January 26, 2017


Tattoos. A form of artwork that used to be reserved for sailors, bikers, and perhaps people you may have watched on the National Geographic channel at one time or another.  Fast forward to 2017 and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t have a tattoo adorned somewhere on their body.

Having tattoo’s requires finding an artist who is dedicated to their craft, is passionate about art, and knows the difference between a tattoo gun and tattoo machine.  Over at Angry Monkey Tattoo, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of two very able handed artists.

Meet Ashly Magotiaux and Andy Cheverie, business partners, best buds and the owners of Angry Monkey Tattoo. These two talented chums opened their doors on July 6th, 2016 over at 413 2nd Avenue South; you can’t miss the bright purple monkey paw on the front door.

When you walk in the door of the tattoo shop, it’s almost like walking into your cooler and older sibling’s bedroom, where all the hip-happening things can be found. From the monkey masks hanging from the lime green venting system, to the collection of art and figurines both Ashly and Andy have collected over the years, the personality of both of these artists shines on through. You get that feeling they are sharing what it would be like to enter their home, which is a very welcoming vibe.

“We want you to walk in and feel like you are at home,” explains Andy. “When you’re getting a tattoo, we want our customers to be comfortable and relaxed.”

Getting a tattoo varies in how long you’ll be sitting in the artists chair, but these two have definitely kept your visual pleasures in mind when it came to decorating their abode. Having done the renovations themselves, they were able to create that feeling of comfort and whimsy, with their colourful palette choices. Ashly and Andy chose the jestful colours of purple and lime green as an homage to one of their favorite comic book characters, The Joker. You definitely get a sense of the playfulness these two bring to their tattooing tables.

Having professional backgrounds in fields not necessarily pertaining to the tattooing world, but creative nonetheless; Ashly and Andy knew that they wanted to open their own shop to produce custom pieces that will last a lifetime.

“Business is in our blood,” says Ashly.“Being in Downtown Lethbridge was the logical choice for us. We live in downtown; we love the community down here, so to open up shop in downtown Lethbridge, just made sense.”

The small business community in downtown Lethbridge, as well as the tattoo community as a whole has welcomed Angry Monkey Tattoo shop with open arms.

“Having the opportunity to host events for our customers, like Friday the 13th flash specials, Harry Potter themed specials, and especially being open on Sundays, allows for us to be available to all our clientele,” says Ashly.

The body art that both Ashly and Andy produce are custom pieces. They are made from scratch and not just ‘copied and pasted’. Tattooing to these two is about leaving their mark on someone else’s body, someone who has entrusted Ashly and Andy to leave their legacy in ink.

The Angry Monkey tattoo shop’s door is open to those who are looking to get their very first piece of custom skin art or looking to add to a large collection of forever ink inspired craftsmanship.