Discover Another World at Josee's Hand Made Imports

Posted on : Thursday, January 07, 2016


It starts with a belief in what these products are capable of doing, and why providing exemplary customer service like the owner of Josee’s Hand Made Imports Josee Meere-Kirk is so important. By sharing information of her products, she is able to provide the key ingredients to being able to get her customers the right products the desire.


Josee’s is a shop that carries handmade imports from artisans in India and Asia. Imports like home decorations, incense, oils, necklaces, artwork, and so much more. Her artisan products are not the only part of the services she offers. Providing special services for certain items in the store like crystals, clothing, healing items and silver jewellery makes her store different from any other stores that carry imported goods.


She believes that certain items in the store possess “positive energy”. This is where her and her staff take the time to educate their customers before making any purchase. Items like crystals, carry different forms of energy that are used to help stabilize one that need it.


Meere-Kirk and her staff make every effort to help their customers find what crystals will best suit them too a positive path for their future.


Prior to being located downtown, she made the discovery about handmade imports and wanted to share her discoveries with Lethbridge. With this newfound passion she was faced with some challenges along the way.


Before opening up shop in Lethbridge, Meere-Kirk travelled through Asia and spent 6 months there. Falling in love with the items, Meere-Kirk wanted to share her experience with local friends and families. After finally saving up, Meere-Kirk opened up a shop in the Centre Village Mall 23 years ago.


“With the issues of having products like crystals being more accepted, it was tough having people come into the store,” said Meere-Kirk.


Shortly after, Meere-Kirk realized more and more locals were starting to find healing methods with imported goods, which then led to a larger demographic in Lethbridge to form.


She moved her store from various locations, until she found just the right spot, in Downtown Lethbridge.


Going from 1000 square feet to 4000, Meere-Kirk knew it was time to ship in more products, which would allow for her customers the opportunity to explore and discover the new exotic products she had to offer. Having people from of all ages and demographics walk into her store, she knew the store was growing into something unique, and just what Lethbridge needed.

Today, Josee’s is filled with different items from all over the world, to attract more customers who want to discover different healing properties of crystals, or wanting add a new piece to their living room, or get that one of a kind piece of jewellery you can’t find anywhere else.

Meere-Kirk says that Josee’s isn’t your “average store” as the products are not your cookie cutter stuff.

Next time you’re downtown, look for the large yin and yang symbol, along First Avenue South, and feel free to explore what Josee’s Hand Made Imports has to offer.