A Tribute to Ray Waddle in Galt Gardens Park



This year’s 15th Annual Bright Lights Festival was dedicated to the memory of long-time City of Lethbridge Parks employee - Ray Waddle. Ray was involved in every Bright Lights Festival since its inception in 2000 and was a huge part of its success. Sadly, Ray passed away this July and will be greatly missed by everyone involved in the Bright Lights Festival.


Recently, the City of Lethbridge placed a memorial rock that will be forever known as “Ray’s Rock” near the northeast diagonal path that runs from the centre of Galt Gardens towards Chapters. As part of the tribute, the City has also decorated a couple of lilac bushes with Christmas lights that are situated near ‘Ray’s Rock’.


Ray had a passion for horticulture and was committed to making Galt Gardens Park and Brewery Hill the type of places that people could enjoy, especially during the holiday season. Ray’s commitment and friendly nature will be greatly missed. Ray will be fondly remembered by those that were fortunate enough to know and work with him.

Posted on:
Monday, December 07, 2015