What's In An Alley Name Anyways?

Posted on : Tuesday, July 28, 2015


A while ago, Belinda Crowson of the Lethbridge Historical Society had heard that some communities were thinking about naming their back alleys.


Back alleys are public spaces and many people in our community use them, from days of old to today. Whether it’s to cut through a space more quickly, to get to work, to do things out of sight, for parking, to view buildings, our back alleys in Lethbridge are used quite regularly.


There has been talk from the City of Lethbridge about starting to make our alleys even more public. They would like to encourage businesses to have access to buildings from the alleys or, if the building is long, to have a different business accessible from the alley and another from the street.


We hope to see these plans come to fruition at some point because they would make even better use of some of our historic buildings right here downtown Lethbridge.


So Belinda thought, why not name the alleys and start people thinking about them as public spaces?


The signs are vinyl and very temporary, which means it won't hurt the buildings. Some have since gone missing, however there are a few still holding strong.


These are purely suggested names and in no means permanent. Belinda is merely suggesting that the people who historically used the back alleys dawn the back alley names in Lethbridge.



Eddie Berger

Mark Rogers

Art Lazzard



Minnie White

Mildred Fleming



Mary Adams

Nettie Anderson

Marie Arick



Donald McNabb -1st Labour MLA ever in Alberta; by acclamation only for a few months.

Andrew Smeaton - Labour MLA and Labour Alderman from Lethbridge in the 1920s and 1930s.

William Repka -Secretary of the Sugar Beet Union; was jailed for several years in a Canadian internment camp during the Second World War for being a Communist.


So the next time you’re taking a short cut in the alleys of Lethbridge, take a look around and find the names of some of the working history of the downtown.