A Community Full of Talent - Video Game Art Show

Posted on : Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Its not just music events that interests local promoter Think Tank Events’ Todd Lacharite. Pushing to expand the events he brings to Lethbridge further from music shows while giving appreciation to local art talent, Lacharite decided to pick a strong theme to gain attention for his next event.

Last year Lacharite and The Owl Acoustic Lounge opened up their first theme art show with a Star Wars theme. For 2015 Lacharite wanted to grab the attention of the younger and gamer population and hence the Space Invaders: Video Game Art Show was born in April. Lacharite and The Owl’s owners Mel Dominguez and Steve Foord teamed up to support the community’s talent. Picking The Owl to host the art show again, Lacharite knew that working with The Owl crew would be fun and successful as Dominguez and Foord are very supportive when it comes to hosting all types of events.

“They were 100%, they always welcome my events. They’re very creative and they are more than happy to add side events to the art shows,” says Lacharite.

Lacharite picked video games as the latest theme to draw in both video gamers and artists with a passion for new and old video games. Blending both fun and video games, which can bring a younger crowd, having the event be all ages, would allow the opportunity for the younger population to come and check out a different genre of art. Lacharite searches for local artists, musicians, and businesses to work together to increase local talent and gain a strong relationship with the community.

Lacharite shares his love for the downtown community by hosting many of his shows in the downtown area. Lacharite says he started noticing how much downtown Lethbridge has changed and had to thank the Heart of Our City and the Downtown Business Revitalization Zone initiatives.

“Downtown is great. It definitely turned around with the security at Galt Gardens, keeping the streets clean, and opening up interesting shops,” says Lacharite.

Lacharite is impressed at how much the downtown district businesses work together on projects and coordinate fun events all year long.

“I like to think of it [downtown businesses] as a family,” says Lacharite.

Lacharite and The Owl were  surprised with the turnouts of both the Star Wars and Video Game shows, they are planning another one this upcoming September.

The Cult Films Art Show is next up on the roster of art shows for Lacharite which runs from September 18 to November 10, 2015. Again the show will be hosted at the Owl Acoustic Lounge.