The Growth and Success of Record Store Day


Waiting in line early in the morning can drive excitement as you’re eagerly waiting to see what that local vinyl shop will have on their shelves for this year’s Record Store Day (RSD).


Record Store Day is a day where as staff, customers, and artists across the world, come together and share the unique culture of independent record stores. Celebrated every third Saturday of April every year. RSD gave an opportunity to a fresh record storeowner in Lethbridge.


Blueprint Entertainment (Blueprint) has come a long way since opening their doors in 2006. Blueprint shop owner, Mike Molloy, began his path to start his business from an idea he had while living in Calgary.


“I started hoarding stock [vinyl records] to open up a shop in Calgary. My friend Jorden Ager did a research study on the viability of a record shop in Lethbridge and found out there was a huge viability,” says Molloy.


After a few years opening up shop as a partnership, Molloy wanted Ager to achieve more in his other career, Molloy did so by taking over management and buying out Ager. In late 2008, Molloy was informed of RSD and decided to make Lethbridge apart of that celebration. Record Store Day was introduced to Lethbridge in 2009. The turnout of the first RSD in Lethbridge was smaller but according to Molloy, RSD today has grown exponentially and just keeps growing. Taking part in RSD, Molloy knew the store would gain support from customers who believe in independent shops.


After several years of operating and owning the shop, Molloy had to make a decision to step back from the manager’s position and have Ryan Grieve take upon the roll of store manager.


“When my wife gave birth, I needed to pull myself back a little bit to spend time back at home,” says Molloy.


“My last couple of years of being a parent and running the shop, I couldn't imagine doing it without him [Grieve]. He’s been that important in helping me out and he’s been an immense part of that growth,” says Molloy.


Molloy and current store manager Grieve knew that this year’s RSD was a major success when they were able to sell out the Canadian duo bandWhitehorse show in their shop.


“Whitehorse was pretty amazing, they were very receptive. They played 5 songs and signed autographs,” says Molloy.


Molloy and his team at Blueprint spent a lot of time deciding which song the store should play while opening shop on RSD. Grieve explains how that first song should reflect the social environment of Blueprint’s customers and staff in a jokingly satirical manner.


“Last year was the ‘Star Wars Imperial Death March’ song. This year [was]Frankie Goes to HollywoodRelax which just juxtaposes the stress they were feeling running to get their first record,” says Grieve.


With 2015 marking their 6th Record Store Day celebration, Molloy and Grieve noticed this year carried a different turnout with the help of customer growth. Both Molloy and Grieve believed it was building personal relationships with the customers that created a subtle rise in business and an increase of sales on RSD.


Make sure to mark your calendars down for Record Store Day at Blueprint every third Saturday of April!





Posted on:
Tuesday, April 28, 2015