Antiques and Relics and Treasures, Oh My!


Q&A with Urban Prairie Antiques Vintage Consignment


Antiques can be old collectables hiding in your parents attics, or can even be found on the farm of your grandparents. Antiques are collected or desired because of their age, beauty, rarity, condition, utility, personal emotional connection, or just looks really cool on your mantle at home. These items represent a previous era or time period in human society.

We sat down with the co-owners Lori and Joyce of Urban Prairie Antiques Vintage Consignment, a new antique shop to the downtown core to learn more about her and her partners shop.


Q: Why did you choose downtown Lethbridge to open up shop?

A: I really like downtown - the atmosphere, the old buildings and people.  

Q: Any reason you chose this particular building to open Urban Prairie?

A: We chose this building for location and history.  It was the first wine and spirits store in Lethbridge. Built in 1908.  We researched the building at the Galt Museum before we bought it.  We loved the story and the look from the old photos.  The building has since been City offices, a hostel, grocery store. Clothing store, restaurant and swap shoot.


Q: What did you do before opening Urban Prairie?

A: Before this I worked for my husband managing his practice.  I've also been pretty active volunteering with local sports and recreation programs.  


Q: What can people expect when they come to Urban Prairie?

A: When people come to our store, they can expect a warm welcome, and a cup of coffee or tea.  Maybe even a cookie.  We have multiple dealers represented at our shop, so there is a wide variety of merchandise.  Each dealer has their own "thing" or type of item they collect, so there are a vast variety of vintage and antique items of all shapes and sizes.  


Q: What made you decide to open up an antique store?

A: I became interested in antiques as a child.  I had an aunt who was an avid collector. All the “old” furniture, kitchen and farm equipment also fascinated me at my grandparent’s farm.  My husband grew up with antiques too, and we inherited a number of beautiful pieces.  


Q:  How can people find you online?

A: We are on Facebook and Instagram @urbanprairieantiques


Whether you’re looking for the one gift you know you’re partner would never dream of you getting them or looking to add some vintage charm to your household, let Urban Prairie inspire your purchase.





Posted on:
Friday, January 16, 2015