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Thu MAR 14 Alberta’s Last Sea Dragon: the Lethbridge/Korite Elasmosaur
with Donald Henderson

In May 2007 miners at the Korite International mine south of Lethbridge exposed fossil bones while digging for gem-quality ammonite shells. Staff at the Royal Tyrrell Museum determined they belonged to rare type of ancient marine reptile known as an elasmosaur - a long-neck plesiosaur. It turned out to be new to science, and was named Albertonectes vanderveldei in honour of the late founder of the Korite company.  Donald Henderson is Curator of Dinosaurs at the Royal Tyrrell Museum.

            Donald Henderson’s research focus is all about dinosaurs. Lately his studies have focused on the rates of fossil erosion in Dinosaur Provincial Park and its effect on the quantities of dinosaur fossils found there. Don also conducts biomechanical comparisons of the bite forces and skull strengths in ceratopsian dinosaurs and examines dinosaur buoyancy. In order to gain a better understanding of dinosaur locomotion, he creates computer animated models.



Thu APR 18 Capt. Bjornson: First Female Airline Captain Meet Rosella Bjornson, a student of Champion School and graduate of County Central High School in Vulcan; a barrier-breaking pilot whose dreams of flying landed her in Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame: she is the first female First Officer to fly a jet aircraft for a scheduled air carrier in North America.


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Tuesday, March 12, 2013