Dates & Times:
Saturday, August 19 at 11 AM - 11 PM Galt Gardens

6th Annual Lethbridge Electronic Music Fest.


LEMF is Southern Alberta's only FREE, ALL AGES annual Electronic Music Festival, established in 2012 by BassWorks Entertainment. Now into our 6th year!


Offical After Party at Studio Nightclub:
Father Funk - Bristol, UK
Phunky Le Freq - Lethbridge, AB
ERWIN the INTERN - Lethbridge, AB

Zodiac (Main) Stage
Stickybuds -Kelowna, B.C.
Burchill - Calgary, AB.
DJ Style'E - Lethbridge,AB.
HDrizzle - Lethbridge,AB.
DJ Marty Funkhauser - Lethbridge,AB.
McTwist - Calgary, AB.
Nic Nemesis - Calgary, AB.
DJ Pez - Nanaimo, BC
DJ Smoothie Vancouver, BC
Steve Samurai - Lethbridge, AB
Trelll - Lethbridge, AB

Luminosity Stage:
Artix - Fernie, BC
Boondoc and Miss Fudge - Calgary,AB
Koot.C - Lethbridge, AB
Krucial - Medicine Hat, AB
E3p0_dnb - Lethbridge, AB
Millz Skillz - Lethbridge, AB
OhAces - Calgary, AB
Rabbyt - Lethbridge, AB
Reverin - Uranus
Verboze - Lethbridge, AB

Serenity Stage:
BIg k - Lethbridge, AB
Deckster - Lethbridge, AB
Harry Slade - Lethbridge, AB
Killmidi - Lethbridge, AB
Napache - Lethbridge, AB
Toast - Medicine Hat, AB
Zero Lux - Lethbridge, AB