Dates & Times:
June 23 - August 24




Opening Reception: Saturday, June 23, 7:00pmCash bar and refreshments

Artist Statement: This exhibition explores the communication of story through the singular imagery of theatrical poster art; an interpretation of cinematic narratives through genre, cultural perspective, time period and individual style.

The interpretation of a cinematic narrative as an illustrated or painted work has been both a historical and cultural interest of mine for over 30 years and a fundamental inspiration for this exhibit. The personal practice of motion picture artists such as David Grove, John Solie, Bill Gold, Drew Struzan, Richard Amsel, Saul Bass, John Alvin and Bob Peak have each provided a fascinating study of stylistic development over careers in commercial illustration, advertising and fine art.

For this exhibition, I’ve used my work as an independent filmmaker from the past 30 years - with works ranging from five-minute shorts to full-length features in a myriad of genres - where each film had an ambition well beyond their budgetary constraints and our youth of the time. By revisiting each film and channelling them into full-size, 27”x41” designs, influenced by a distinct genre, time period and world culture, I can represent the works in the larger than life manner of cinematic excess that best represents the spirit that each film was originally intended.

The design and presentation of original illustrated poster art gave a movie a life larger than reality allowed, no matter how mundane the subject matter or limited the budget. Movie stars and cinematic characters were presented as gods and the motion picture narratives were lifted to mythic status through the poster illustration that presented them. That level of cinematic grandeur has been lost to us and my hope is that this show will provide insight and interest into this forgotten art form.

Artist Bio:

C. Blake Evernden is an award-winning filmmaker, illustrator, concept artist, and makeup fx designer for film & television. He has worked on poster art for both stage and screen, concept illustration for cinematic productions and continues to work as a professional storyboard artist in the commercial industry. 

He has worked as a key makeup and effects designer on five independent features (winning an award for Best Special FX for "Scars" in 2015) and many short productions through institutions such as the Canadian Film Centre.

His second feature, "Prairie Dog," has played in multiple film festivals worldwide and won five awards, as well as being picked up for distribution through ITN in Los Angeles. He's currently in development on two features and his latest short film, "Spider," is currently entering festivals.

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