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The Downtown BRZ

People are drawn to the lively and character rich atmosphere in Downtown Lethbridge.

They come to shop at the local boutiques, to have a business lunch at an outdoor patio or to be part of the stimulating ‘coffee culture’.

The ambiance is authentic, lively, intellectual, hip and genuine. The diversity of business and people make Downtown a new experience every time.

Downtown employees and residents have an ideal lifestyle. Better yet, they are a built-in-market for businesses.

They work in the hub of the city and can walk to everything: coffee, lunch, shopping, happy hour and fine dining. They are embedded in a rich network of business and strong community.

It’s simply understood that our downtown is the place to be, the place to meet and the place to get things done.

Downtown Lethbridge Revitilization Zone (BRZ)
309 - 6th Street South
Lethbridge, Alberta
Canada T1B 4W1

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